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Tie Breaker Information:  Lottery Draw
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Tie Breaker Info and Lottery Draw:

Should two or more teams be tied for seeding positions for the FCYBL tournament and remain tied after the tie breakers have been used, then the lottery draw shall be used to break the tie. 

See Rule Section 2.20, PROCEDURES FOR DETERMINATION OF LEAGUE STANDINGS, for the complete tie-breaking procedures.  Click here to go Section 2 of the FCYBL Rules to review the complete tie-breaking rules. 

The club with the lower number will receive the higher seed.  i.e. two teams are tied with 9-5 records for 1st place.  The teams played each other twice during the regular seasons and split those games.  The lottery draw will then be used.  Club A has a lottery draw of 14 and club B has a lottery draw of 7.  Club B will be the #1 seed and Club A will be the #2 seed.