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 Gym Directive Notice

Ft. Belvoir:

Please do not enter the gym until 8:45 am.  The facilities and security personal will not let anyone in prior to 8:45 am.

Luther Jackson Middle School and Other Gyms:

We use many facilities throughout the area.  Requirements #1 & #2 below are for Luther Jackson Intermediate, and Requirements #3 & #4 are for all gyms that we use. 
Luther Jackson Intermediate is one of our primary sites for games.  This facility is also used for other after school uses and used for board meetings by the Fairfax County School Board.  It is imperative that we adhere to regulations for use or we could lose this valuable facility.
Effective immediately, the following requirements MUST be met:
(1) For weekday games, NO ONE (player, coach, parent, or game visitor) is to enter the main door of Luther Jackson prior to 6:00 PM.  The facility is open due to other uses, however, we do not have use of it for basketball prior to 6:00 PM.  Our games do not start until 6:15 PM, so this gives each team plenty of time to warm up.  For weekend games, DO NOT arrive or drop off players until 845 on Saturday and 1245 on Sunday.  COACHES:  You must be present to supervise the players.  If a coach is not on site, the players will be asked to wait outside until the coach arrives - REGARDLESS of the weather.

(2) For all games - both weekday and weekends - the 2nd gym at Luther Jackson has no seating and parents and guests will have to sit on the floor.  The only chairs provided will be 9 chairs for each team so that the coaches and substitutes have a place to sit down for games.  COACHES:  Please tell your parents to bring their own chairs if you are playing in gym#2. There are no chairs available and to not ask for them and/or verbally abuse the custodians regarding the lack of chairs. 
(3) THERE IS NO FOOD OR DRINKS (Other than water in an unbreakable container) allowed in Luther Jackson.  We are not kidding - Some parents think this is a game and sneak gatorade and other drinks and food into the facility.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  The officials will be directed to assess a technical foul on the bench of the offending team if other drinks or food is being consumed by players and/or coaches.

(4) The coach is the only person allowed to bring basketballs into the facilities we use.  Any child who carries a basketball into the gym will be asked to leave the gym or give the basketball to their coach for safekeeping.
The above directives are due to the actions of a very small percentage of our parents, coaches and players, however it is imperative that EVERYONE take a proactive approach should you see someone else taking actions that could cause problems.
Thanks for your attention to this matter,

E J Thomas
Chairman, FCYBL