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Changes to Schedule:
Most Recent Changes

This section of the FCYBL website is to help our parents, players coaches and fans follow major changes that are made to the schedule. 

The FCYBL scheduling system is set up so that any schedule changes for a team will trigger a system generated e-mail to the team's coaching staff.  As such, individual schedule changes will not be noted on this page. 

Click here to read about how to use this website to determine if your team's schedule as changed.


How to See if YOUR Team's Schedule Has Changed
Any time you look at your individual team's schedule in the Schedules, Scores and Standings section of the website, the bottom of the schedule includes a "Last Updated on" date so that you can note the last change to your schedule.  In addition, if a change has been made to your team's schedule since the last YOU personally visited the website (from the same computer), you'll also see the following note:  Games shown in Red
have been added or changed since your last visit.

Last Updated:  Tuesday, August 23, 2011.