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How to Determine the Home Team
On League Schedules

When viewing the schedules on the FCYBL website, two methods exist to tell who is the home team for a given game:

Viewing a Division Schedule -- Home Team Listed First

One way of viewing the schedule is for an entire division, all girls' games, all boys' games or the entire league.  This schedule is week-by-week and shows all games scheduled for that week for the group that your are viewing.

When you look at this view of the schedule, the home team is listed first

Viewing a Single Team's Schedule

When you look at the schedule for just one team, the view is completely different as it shows the team's entire future schedule.  With this view, the home team for each game, the home team is designated with an "(h)". 

Here's how it looks depending on if you are the home team or the visiting team (the games are just examples):
  • Home.  (h) vs Chantilly
  • Away.  vs. Chantilly (h)
Jersey Colors
The home team should wear its white jersey and the visitors should wear their dark jerseys. 

 Last Updated:  January 7, 2011.