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Congratulations to all the players, coaches and parents.

FCYBL 2011/12 Regular season and Tournament Champions and runner-ups    
Tournament       Regular season  
League Champions Runner -up   First place Second place
Girls 10U - 1 SYA (Brusick)  Arlington (Fudd)   Arlington (Fudd) Arlington (Reed)
Girls 10U - 2 1 McLean (Mabus)  SYC (Judd)   McLean (Mabus)  Vienna (Hammock)
Girls 6th grade D1 Vienna (Parris) McLean 1 (Hazzan)   Vienna (Parris) Annandale (Westphal)
Girls 6th grade D2 Fort Hunt (Lohrer) Chantilly (Butler)   Gainesville (Chipps) McLean 2 (Powlovich)
Girls 7th grade D1 Chantilly (Luttges)  Vienna (Piche)    Falls Church (Barlow) Chantilly (Luttges) 
Girls 7th garde D2 BRYC (DAnna) Fort Belvoir (Greene)   Chantilly 2B (Townshen) Gainesville (Marchand)
Girls 8th grade D1 Chantilly (Whitney) McLean (Megas)   Chantilly (Whitney) Arlington (Bianculli)
Girls 8th grade D2 Fort Hunt (Gately)  Mercer (Lundsford)   McLean (Mabrey) Mercer (Lundsford)
Boys 10U-1 Gainesville B5(Parrish) Arlington (Maher)   Gainesville B5(Parrish) Arlington (Maher)
Boys 10U-2 FPYC (Wilkinson)  Gainesville Lovell)   Gainesville Lovell) VYI 2 (Arnolie)
Boys 10U-3 Herndon (McKenzie)  FPYC (Owens)   FPYC (Owens) Herndon (McKenzie) 
Boys 6th grade D1 Reston 1 (Landsowne) McLean (Cicale)   Vienna (Fenning)  Arlington (Lowen)
Boys 6th grade D2 Southwestern (Shanton)  Falls Church (Greissing)   Falls Church (Greissing) Southwestern (Shanton) 
Boys 6th grade D3 Herndon (Nimmo) Lee Mt. Vernon (Peterson)   Fort Belvoir (Taylor) Herndon (Nimmo)
Boys 7th grade D1 Gainesville 1 (Miller)  Springfield (Cobbs)   Arlington (Tardy Herndon (Griffin)
Boys 7th grade D2 Southwestern (Korman) Falls Church (Whitaker)   Southwestern (Korman) Falls Church (Whitaker)
Boys 7th grade D3       Fort Hunt Arlington (Maurer)
Boys 8th grade D1 Vienna (Marsden)  McLean 1   Vienna (Marsden)  Southwestern ( Katchmark)
Boys 8th grade D2 Arlington (Snyder)  Southwestern (Doyle)   Gainesville ( Deliee) Lee District
Boys 8th grade D3 Springfield (Pelham)  Annandale (Rubin)   Springfield (Pelham)  Annandale (Rubin)