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The name of the governing body of the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL), herein referred to as the "League" is the Fairfax County youth Basketball Council (FCYBC), herein referred to as the "Council".

ARTICLE II:  Policy.

The League shall be governed by the Council, who will ultimately approve, disapprove or act upon actions submitted at General Meetings. Any changes made by the Council shall be incorporated into these policies. The Council shall be structured to administer the League as to provide a youth sports program featuring a balanced blend of sportsmanship, recreation, skill development and competitive activity.

The League shall be administered by the Commissioner and the Committee on Administration and Operations under the general program guidance by the Commissioner and policy guidance by the Council according to the By-Laws and FCYBL Rules as adopted.

ARTICLE III:  Council Membership.

Membership of the Council must be validated yearly, no later than the Fall Organizational Meeting, by the individual sponsoring organization through the submission of their representatives' names, address, phone numbers and fax numbers. Any organization not entering teams into the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League will automatically lose membership in the Council and will have to re-apply for membership; and 

a) agreement to attend and participate in all Council meetings and League activities are a condition of membership. Any representative of the Council who misses three (3) consecutive meetings (unless represented by an alternate) shall be required to present cause for absence in writing to the Chairman. 

b) If the cause is not considered legitimate by the Chairman, he/she may obtain approval at the next regular meeting  of the Council that the organization’s voting rights be suspended for the remainder of the basketball season(s); however, the organization’s teams will be allowed to complete the season(s). A letter of censure will be sent certified mail by the Secretary to the organization’s Board of Directors or ruling body. The organization must re-apply for admittance into the Council.

ARTICLE IV:  Non-Fairfax County Organizations. 
The Council may elect to accept or reject organizations outside Fairfax County that seek Council membership by considering the following illustrative but not inclusive characteristics that would affect the league:
     a) access to and agreement to provide comparable gym space; and
     b) alternate League options for the organization; and
     c) distance or proximity; and
     d) impact on League participation in activities such as state tournaments and other events; and
     e) costs; and
     f) other appropriate factors.

ARTICLE V:  Council Membership Dues.

the annual dues for membership shall be $350.00 payable upon joining the Council with subsequent dues to be paid annually prior to the Organizational  Meeting in September. Non-payment of any dues, franchise fees, special assessments or other fees will result in the organization’s suspension from the Council until the debt is paid. In addition, all voting rights of that organization will be suspended until the debt is paid. An organization’s teams cannot participate in any post season play unless the organization is in good standing financially with the Council.

ARTICLE VI:  Conduct of Meetings.

A parliamentarian will be appointed by the Chairman at the first meeting following the annual elections. The term of this appointment will be one (1) year. The parliamentarian will assure adherence to the By-Laws and these policies and interpret "Robert’s Rules of Order", current edition.

ARTICLE VII:  Order of Business.

The order of business at all regular meetings of the Council shall be as follows:
     a) a count of the representatives (or alternates) present for the purpose of
     establishing a quorum.
     b) Citizen’s Opportunity to address the Council.
     c) A reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting.
     d) Reports of the Council Officers.
     e) Reports of the Council committees.
     f) Election of Officers (Annual Meeting only).
     g) Rule changes (Annual Meeting only).
     h) Unfinished business.
     i) New business.

ARTICLE VIII:  Administrative Positions and Responsibilities for League Administration.

The Commissioner as the chief operating officer of the League shall chair the Committee on Administration and Operations. As the chairperson of the Committee on Administration and Operation, the Commissioner shall oversee the day-to-day responsibilities for the effective and efficient functioning of the Boys and Girls Leagues, including the activities of other elected members of the Committee, which shall, but not necessarily be limited to, individuals responsible for:
     a) the Boys League,
     b) the Girls League,
     c) schedules, training & sportsmanship,
     d) publicity,
     e) and other tasks as the Council may identify.

The Commissioner shall provide, at each Council meeting, an update of each of these functional activities. The Council shall have the benefit of the services of staff of the Department of Recreation and Community Services to aid in the Council and League functions including the scheduling of all regular season and post season games. The Recreation Department shall coordinate all schedule changes by phone with each coach and Council representative.  The Recreation Department will follow-up in writing to each coach and Council representative of the changes with copies to the coordinators. Additional staff will be added by the Council as required.