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Location of Scoreboards


Annadale HS GYM 1 (2) 46B-

Bryant (1) 160 C-

Centreville HS (2) Receiving Room-

Edison HS (2) G128 Custodian Louge-

Hayfield HS (2) storage in gym-

Jackson MS (1) Closet in GYM-

Madison HS (2) 1E Electric room in main gym-

Lanier MS (1) Office 139 Julio Dejo-

Lee HS (2) room 100 DSA Activities- 

Liberty Mid (2) D122 PAL-

Mclean HS (2) 191C Building Super-

Mount Vernon HS (1) Activities Office-

South County MS (1) Elevator Machine Room B121

Thomas Jefferson room 126C, off of main gym

Westfield HS (2) K-104 Custodial Lounge