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5TH Grade Division II and III - No-Zone Rules and Guidance

By FCYBL, 09/26/23, 12:00PM EDT


In an effort to improve player development, teach critical skills, and ensure enjoyment at the 10 year old age groups, the FCYBL is running a pilot this year for the 5th Grade Girls Division 2 and Boys Division 2 and 3 leagues. 

The Development Working Group adopted a modified rule set that removes Zone defenses and Zone presses.  By moving the defense to man-to-man only - we hope to open the floor - and improve scoring. In addition, coaches will have a much smaller playbook and focus on fundamentals of man offense. 

The Rules:

  • No Zone defenses in any setting.
  • Man-to-man press is permitted until the lead is 10 points for Girls, 15 points for Boys.