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By FCYBL, 09/25/23, 12:00PM EDT


At some point in your coaching career, you are likely to coach against an overmatched opponent.  They may be missing players, having a bad day, or perhaps be in the wrong division.  Whatever the cause, your team clearly and significantly overmatches them that day.

FCYBL has two rules that apply to mismatches:

  1. VHSL Mercy rule allows for a running clock when the lead reaches 30 points, in the second half, should both coaches agree.
  2. FCYBL forbids winning by a margin of more than 40 points under the premise that it is poor sportsmanship and it does very little to develop player skills. FCYBL has adopted penalties to deter coaches: The first violation results in a one-game suspension for the head coach, the second results in a forfeit loss and a two-game suspension, and the third also results in a forfeit and a head coach suspension for the remainder of the season.

So what should you do in a mismatched game? 

  1. Recognize that you are in a mismatch
  2. Manage your pace of scoring
  3. Reduce your defensive pressure
  4. Always be respectful of opponent and the game

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